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Household Debt Soars!

An article in the Guardian says that: "Britain is sleepwalking into a debt crisis after a steep rise in emergency borrowing by low- and middle-income households to cope with the Covid-19 jobs crisis. Research by [...]

**IMPORTANT UPDATE** In accordance with Public Health England and Government guidelines we have paused all street activity until further notice.

Following the announcement by the Prime Minister on Sunday 1st November, and the subsequent vote in Parliament on Wednesday 4th November, passing the implementation of a National Lockdown until the 2nd December, the directors have [...]

Do you need restitution?

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an epidemic of another kind: people left out of pocket by unpaid debts and unfulfilled services. From cancelled weddings to broken contracts, boarded up shops and empty events, people [...]

UK Debt Collection News

An article by UK Debt Collection News says that there has been no real improvement in the speed at which Large companies are paying their suppliers.  The research conducted by Accountancy firm Moore has shown [...]

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