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Don’t Let Them Continue Laughing At You!


Visits Are Recorded For You!


Debtors Are Electronically Tracked


Including Fully Licensed Drone Operators


Full In Depth Financial Checks Undertaken


They Will Be Fully Investigated In The First 24hrs!


Autumn 2021


Filling in the Money Claim Online forms (MCOL) is a simple process, but is it effective for small claims? Does High Court Enforcement work when you have a High Court Writ? If your debtor ignores the Money Claim Online action you can get a default County Court Judgement but this does not get you your money back, this will get you a piece of paper from a man in a wig confirming you are owed money.

You pay them a fee to either get your piece of paper or to then enter in a long drawn out process in court to fight to get that piece of paper, it would cost many hundreds and thousands of pounds to win and if a defence is put in and YOU DO NOT GET YOUR COSTS BACK. We have heard too many stories of people failing to get their money back even through High Court Enforcement using a High Court Writ, let alone just using the Money Claim Online service (or trying to) as a short cut!

Are You Thinking Of Taking Your Debtor To Court? Don’t!!!

If your Money Claim Online progresses and you get your piece of paper you then need to give it to a Debt Collector, don’t expect the courts bailiff to do this for you.

If you hand it to a court bailiff you will get a 60 year old man in a van that will earn around £20k per year asking your debtor to pay in instalments, the court bailiff is not financially motivated to get your debt recovered and whether he collects £20 or £200k he will still get a £20k salary and his little white van.

This will have your debtor laughing at you even more.

High Court enforcement officers are authorised by the Lord Chancellor and assigned to one of a number of enforcement districts. Unlike a courted bailiff, who is an officer of a lower court, an HCEO (high court Enforcement Officer) is an officer of the High Court, and consequently has much greater power – you’d think this would mean you’ve more chance of getting your money back. In our experience, it doesn’t!

Once the High Court writ is awarded, the judgment debtor can avoid the removal and sale of assets by either paying in full or agreeing to a repayment plan. Most of the plans take year before they’re settled. If that’s what you want, to wait year, go down this route!

A Man Like This Will Be At The Door To Collect

You do not need a CCJ to recover your money!!!

Writing letters and making telephone calls does not work, you will have done all that so you don’t need to do it all again with that piece of paper in your hand.

What do we do?

We will visit your debtor within 24 hours, we will visit your debtor in all the places they don’t want us to appear, whether that be at the Head Office where the MD hides not paying their suppliers like you or whether it is at their home where they do not care that your company or personal account is in the red.

All our debt collector’s have body cameras that record everything that we have done, and yes, we will send you that footage. Imagine that, watching your own Debt Recovery by our Old Fashioned Debt Collectors.

Snoozing on debt collection? You risk losing! Get the money you’re owed sooner rather than later

Coronavirus continues to cause absolute havoc for everyone. The economy is in a very uncertain period right now, and it’s affecting everyone. From businesses to buyers, many are feeling the squeeze. So much so that it’s estimated business debt could double to £8.6 billion by the end of 2021.

Do you want the money you’re owed to be a part of that £8.6 billion? Of course not! So you have to act now.

Getting ahead with debt recovery

It can be hard to know when to push the button on debt recovery services. You likely know your clients and customers are having a hard time, just like you are, and you don’t want to appear ruthless in getting what they owe you. The reality of the matter is, however, that if you leave it too long, ultimately, it’s only your business that’s going to suffer. Is that an outcome you’re willing to accept?

The key element of any debt collection strategy is timeliness. You need to have a clear idea of the timescales involved in your unpaid debts. When was the debt established? How much, if anything, has been paid so far? Have you been able to make contact with the debtor? These are all things you need to keep your focus on. Granted, it’s difficult in the whirlwind that is business operations during Covid-19, but it’s something you’re going to have to get to grips with if you want to keep your invoices fully paid up and your cash flow as consistent as possible.

Your debts aren’t all that’s owed.
Remember that your business is not the only one most of your customers will have been dealing with – they will likely have accrued debts with other businesses as well. This can be through malicious and deliberate failure to repay, or it can be through a simple change in circumstances – it doesn’t make a difference; the money is still owed to more people than just you. So that means there’s a queue.

If there’s a queue to get money back, where do you want your business to place in it? The answer is, of course, first! But to do that, you need to be on the ball and make sure that any unpaid debts are pursued as soon as possible. It’s always a priority.

Getting professional debt recovery help

This is where it pays to contact the professionals, such as Nightfox Investigations. We have extensive experience in all manners relating to prompt and stress-free repayment of owed debts. We’ll work with you to establish your unpaid debt situation before prioritising the pursuit of the money you’re owed. Where necessary, we can assist with establishing payment plans to help encourage prompt repayment.

We pride ourselves on the compassion and dedication we show during the pursuit of an unpaid debt. We’re there to represent your business, and as such, we’re going to do it to the best of our abilities. This keeps your debts paid and your brand image whole.

  • We Do Not Waste Time With Telephone Calls And Letters

  • Your Debtor Will Start To Take You Seriously

  • We Will Begin Visits Of Each Case Within 24 Hours.

  • Your Administration Fees Are Recoverable – Why Should You Be Out Of Pocket

  • Advanced Systems Providing Real-Time Information

  • Full Team Of Agents Covering All Of The UK

  • 75 Years Combined Experience

  • Overseas Debt Recovery Specialists

  • High Court Enforcement

  • CCJ Enforcement

  • No Hidden Costs, What We Quote Is What You’ll Pay

  • Personal Debt Collectors

  • Large Debt Recovery

  • Small Debt Recovery

  • Corporate Debt Recovery

  • Specialists In Face To Face Debt Collection Since 2006

If you have unpaid debts owed, don’t sleep on it – call Nightfox Investigations for assistance now.


Instruct us today

When you instruct Nightfox Investigations to recover bad debt, you’re working with experts who just won’t take “no” for an answer. In the first instance, we carry out doorstep calls to conduct face to face debt collections and we cover the entire UK and overseas.

It’s never a problem if your debtor has disappeared without a trace from the address registered on your account because our superb investigation techniques will soon winkle out your debtor’s new address. Unlike High Court Enforcement, we will search for your debtor at multiple addresses and travel to where we need to.

We utilise the most technologically advanced tracing systems to track down UK debtors and also specialise in overseas debt recovery. We have almost 75 years’ experience in tracking down debtors and ensuring our clients are paid back the cash that’s owed them. Whenever our debt collection techniques need reinforcement, we put legal actions in place in the High Court.

Quick resolution to the problem

Compared to other methods of debt recovery, face to face is the fastest way of getting your money back. Rather than wasting lots of time sending letters back and forth, debt recovery in person can begin within 24 hours and often get it sorted out in one visit. Even if the initial visit does not work, subsequent visits will still provide quicker results in most cases than sending emails or letters. in comparison, the Money Claim Online service is slow and rarely ends up in a successful outcome.

Impossible to ignore

There is one major advantage debt recovery in person gives – people suddenly find the money in question when they have someone with authority in front of them asking for it! Other ways of trying to get your money back are just too easy to ignore or laugh off. This is certainly not the case when a professional debt collector is there in person to assess the situation and ensure your debt is taken seriously.

Stops you being left until last

One big problem many businesses can have with debtors is being the last in a long queue. This is not ideal as it can see you wait a long time to get paid, if there is any money left by the time your turn comes. Face to face collection eliminates this issue by making sure you are first in line to be paid and not pushed to the back.

Our charges

Our fees are based on reasonable commissions from the debts we collect on your behalf; we charge reasonable expenses to cover the cost of visits and administration, this is fully recoverable from the debtor and added to the debtors liability this ensures that you achieve the best possible returns on cash owed to you. There are no hidden costs when you instruct Nightfox Investigations to recover debts, so give us a call today and let’s get the ball rolling immediately.

Do not wait for your debtor to pay others, the one that shouts the loudest will get paid first!

Face to face debt collection with Nightfox Investigations

Here at Nightfox Investigations, we help UK businesses get the money they are owed. Our professional team of debt collectors are highly experienced in face to face recovery and will get your money back, quickly! Although the current situation with COVID-19 may make this not possible right now in many cases, we will be able to recover your money in person as soon as official advice from the UK Government allows us too.

Communication is key

One of our first objectives is to open lines to communication with your debtor, normally this is what our clients have lost, this is usually because the debtor is usually prioritising other creditors and not you, we at Nightfox make sure you are the first on your debtors mind in a morning and the last thing at night. Those that shout the loudest get paid first.

Act Quickly

The most important factor in a successful recovery is to take action quickly rather than waiting for a Court Bailiff to be appointed! If the debtor won’t pay or can’t pay, there will no doubt be other debts they won’t or can’t pay. You must let them know that you are serious and get to the front of the queue for payment. One thing that is for certain, your debtor will not want that knock on the door from one of the Nightfox Enforcement Team. Our team are not small gentlemen that shake paperwork around, they are real men that get the job done.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss any matter of Personal, Business Debt or Asset Reclamation, we’re happy to talk.

Office Hours
Monday – Thursday: 8am to 6pm
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“I used Nightfox to collect 170k from a company that I invested in, the company in question just took my money and ran. I met Dean who put me at ease straightaway, it did take longer than hoped but nobody was happier than me when I was told that I was getting paid, The video footage was brilliant and really made my day when I saw the look on their faces. I have given them another today for only £3k, I bet they have it collected already!!”

Chris Simpson


When I had tried all other options to get my money back including other debt collection companies and legal representation, it was Nightfox who got me my £37,500 plus costs back. It was clear I was getting nowhere and these guys got my money back within weeks. I cant thank you enough.”

John Stevens – Glasgow


“Nightfox succeeded where others failed. I have used a well known TV high court company previously but never got anything, I needed a different approach and found these people. Whilst they may be a bit unorthodox they do get the job done, I am now Fifty Thousand Pounds better off for making the call”

Lee Parish


“After months of trying to settle an outstanding balance for a kitchen I had fitted for a customer and getting nowhere I contacted Phil from Nightfox Investigations and explained my case he was more than happy to invest his time and effort into retrieving the outstanding balance I cannot thank Phil and Dave from NightFox enough as I was thinking it was a lost cause Phil assured me he would deal with the matter which he did, thanks again Nightfox team I would recommend you to anyone with the same problem”

Stephen Fagan


“Phil will not take no for an answer. When your invoices and calls are being ignored give Phil at Nightfox a call, he will not be ignored and will not be fobbed off.”

Kim Woodhead – MD Pace Fire and Security


“Simple solution to a year long problem! My company instructed Nightfox Investigations to recover from another company that we did subcontract work for. They were paid many months ago but claimed they hadn’t been, we heard they had, so instructed Nightfox. I was impressed by their body-cam footage and the fact they visited straightaway, it took them a little under a month to get all the money back including my costs. I cannot thank the team enough and even accepted being told off for calling everyday, sorry… It was all too exciting for my finance team..”

Emily Porter


“Many thanks to all the team at Nightfox Investigations & Debt Recovery Limited, from the initial enquiry I made to you guys, to the meeting I had with Phillip Dunn you guys really did take the stress away from what has been a ridiculously hard 2 years, not only was I let down by my lawyer for whom clearly regarded myself and my wife as an open cheque book, but also the system as a whole clearly favoured my debtor and not ourselves, it is hard to put into words to explain how eternally grateful we are to Nightfox and receiving full payment of our 42k and costs will really change our lives going forward, (Phil my promise of a nice 12 year old single malt is on the way to you this is the least we can do for you) my advice to anybody owed money do not waste time and money with lawyers, if you are lucky enough to meet Mr Dunn then you will clearly get to see first hand why these guys and his team are paid.”

Mr and Mrs Edmondson


“Thank you to all team at Nightfox, Phil, I would like to say a massive thank you for the recovery of my debt. As you no doubt know being in construction we are used to having our invoices chipped away on. However to be told we will not receive a penny and they will see us in court was potentially life-changing and if we had not had found you we were finished. Being owed 52k would have put us into the gutter we cannot thank you and your team enough we wish you all the success going forward. Note to all if you are owed money these guys will not let you down.”

Louis McGee – Electric Center UK


“Having had no success after a year pursuing recovery of money owed to me, I chose Nightfox Investigations to recover the money on my behalf. I have been completely amazed at the speed which Phillip and his Team successfully secured all of the money due to me. What a great result. I can’t overstate the way it feels to have achieved a just outcome! All of this is due entirely to the solid, professional action of the Team at Nightfox Investigations.
If you’ve reached the end the line over money owed to you, don’t give up! Don’t hesitate, instruct Nightfox to take on recovery of your money. Just let them do what they do best and you could get a great outcome too. Thanks to the Team @ Nightfox for taking all the aggravation away AND getting my money back … fantastic!”

Franklin Macdonald


“I have been in business for a long time. As with any business there is always the worry of putting too many eggs in your proverbial basket and a client deciding not to pay as happened to me. This is devastating and can finish your dreams for ever, but help is at hand. As Corney as it sounds “If you have a problem” pick up the telephone and be assured that night fox will listen and help. Professional people doing a professional job. ..Many thanks to Mr Dunne and all of his staff.”

Philip Astley


“5 Star Debt Collectors, they do not mess around, they visited my debtor within a day of instruction – I just had an email with video footage of the visit and the look on the face of the company director that owes me was priceless. I’ve just had a payment in my bank”

Paul Hannigan


“Overseas debt collected. We had a problem in the USA that needed resolving. Happy to say it has been resolved to my satisfaction, I even got to watch the footage. Thanks again.”

Gary Harmer


“After investing £170k into a scheme from a cold call I didn’t really have anywhere else to turn, Nightfox sent a man called Dean to see me who put me at ease straightaway. I told him I would love to be a fly on the wall and in a way I was as I got to see progress via the camera’s that are used. Big shout out to ‘Queen Bee’ Beatrice Smith for getting the information over to me and making prompt payment after each collection.”

Adrienne Paul


“A cowboy builder wrecked my house leaving me with damage and unfinished work to the tune of £37000. I didn’t think I would stand a chance after wasting £6000 in court and legal fees. I got my money, my fees and costs back swiftly so really I am bowled over and grateful that I came across the Fox. I hope I don’t have any problems again and will not hesitate to use these again.”

Christine McGuire

B2B Debt Recovery

Business to Business debt can be crippling for any size of companies cashflow, it’s important to act decisively and quickly with any B2B debt.

Nightfox Enforcement Agents have particular experience and knowledge in recovering accounts in the construction, consultancy, distribution, recruitment and wholesale sectors.

Start the Process

Personal Debt Recovery

Whether its a personal loan to family/friend, unpaid service fees or even a bounced cheque for goods, Nightfox have a proven track record of recovering your debt.

Our professional, ethical and direct Private Debt Collection approach delivers superb results and sees a market leading recovery rate, sometimes as high as 90%, for all undisputed private debts. Contact us now to start the process.

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Asset Recovery

Repossession of assets, primarily motor vehicles are carried out damage free by our highly experienced field operatives, who all share the same philosophy which is to treat our customer’s customer as we ourselves would wish to be treated in such circumstances. All operatives abide by strict codes of conduct and work to our exacting service level articles. Contact us now to start the process.

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  • Specialists In Face to Face Debt Collection Since 2006

  • There Are No Hidden Costs, What We Quote Is What You’ll Pay

  • We Will Wipe The Grin Of Your Debtors Face

  • We Action Each Case Within 24 Hours

  • Advanced Systems Providing Real-Time Information

  • 75 Years Combined Experience

  • We Ensure That You Will Have The Last Laugh

  • You Wasted Time Getting A CCJ? – We Will Collect It

  • High Court Enforcement

  • Court Order Recovery

  • Personal Debt Collection

  • Large Debt Recovery

  • Overseas Debt Recovery

  • Private Investigation


“I used Nightfox to collect a debt owed to my company, they aren’t the most pleasant of people but they do get the job done. I would also thank mark for the advice received regarding our seven day letter.”

Louise Milligan


“I contacted Nightfox after a client that we serviced for 10 years didn’t pay us for several months, we are a wholesaler and the amount outstanding was £138k, we knew they were being supplied by others as they are a wholesaler also. We have had £100k back so far and are expecting the balance soon, words cannot express my gratitude and my thanks for our to all the team, especially Jason who I met at the beginning of the process and who managed the debt throughout. These guys just like to be left alone to do their thing and boy do they do it.”

Martin Lloyd


“These guys don’t mess around, I had the last laugh. When I had tried all other options to get my money back including other debt collection companies and legal representation, it was Nightfox who got me my £37,500 plus costs back. It was clear I was getting nowhere and these guys got my money back within weeks. I cant thank you enough.”

Mr John Stevens


“I gave the wrong builder 28000 for work they did not finish, they left me with half a roof, rats, a garden that looked like a battleground and to top it all threatened me if if I pursued. Well I did pursue and got Nightfox to get it, they don’t beat around the bush and despite taking a short while to track the debtor once they did he ‘bricked it’ pardon the pun. They secured a 15k payment within days of meeting the debtor with the balance a week or so after, the sad thing is that the builder is up to his old tricks again in the Bristol/South East area.”


“Thanks Nightfox, I couldn’t bear to watch the body-can footage at first, but boy am I glad I did.That’s £47k back in my account that I wouldn’t have had without you.”

Geoff Hunt


“Having had no success after a year pursuing recovery of money owed to me, I chose NIghtfox Investigations to recover the money on my behalf. I have been completely amazed at the speed which Phillip and his Team successfully secured all of the money due to me. What a great result. I can’t overstate the way it feels to have achieved a just outcome! All of this is due entirely to the solid, professional action of the Team at Nightfox Investigations.

If you’ve reached the end the line over money owed to you, don’t give up! Don’t hesitate, instruct Nightfox to take on recovery of your money. Just let them do what they do best and you could get a great outcome too. Thanks to the Team @ Nightfox for taking all the aggravation away AND getting my money back … fantastic!”

Franklin 7


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