In any industry there are always organisations that stand out from their peers and set the standards that others in their field have to aspire to achieve. Based in Manchester but operating across the UK, Nightfox Investigations and Debt Recovery is an organisation that certainly meets this criteria leading the way when it comes to debt collection services throughout the UK. They have made quite a name for themselves over the years establishing a well deserved reputation as one of the rising stars of the industry and if the last few years are any barometer of what the future holds then there are many successful chapters yet to be written in the Nightfox story.

The reputation they have is fully justified and is now beginning to earn them more tangible forms of recognition. In the prestigious Business Excellence Awards they were given the impressive dual accolade of being named Debt Collection Agency of the Year for 2023. The award was well deserved and has further cemented their reputation as one of the absolute leaders in their field. Following on from that success we are delighted to announce that Nightfox Investigations and Recovery are the latest recipients of one of our Awards of Excellence. They have won the 2024 award for Face to Face Debt Recovery Services.

With our awards we think it’s important to recognise organisations that are bringing something new and innovative to their marketplace. They don’t necessarily have to be the biggest but they have to be an organisation that is trying to offer something different to what is already out there and above all they must offer a great product or service. We feel that Nightfox ticks all the boxes and are worthy winners of our award. The awards are clearly no accident and will come as no surprise to anybody that has worked with them. In this edition we will try and give you an insight into the work that they do and the success that they’ve enjoyed.

There are many factors but first and foremost they are good at what they do with the entire team sharing the same steadfast determination to maintain the high standards that have become such a trademark. So who exactly are Nightfox Investigations and Debt Recovery and what is it that they do? They are so much more than just another debt collection company and have a proven track record over many years successfully recovering personal, commercial and even international debt for a diverse range of clients. Their meticulous approach quite literally leaves no stone unturned in their determination to put their client’s hard earned money back in their pockets.

Whether you’re an individual or a business the sad reality is that collecting debts has never been more challenging than it is in the current climate. As well as using the traditional methods of debt recovery that are used across the industry, what distinguishes Nightfox is their innovative approach. Their use of technology such as drones means they have become one of the industry’s pioneers. The fact that they have a five star Trustpilot rating speaks volumes not only about the quality of the service that they provide but also the honest and ethical way they operate which is central to everything that they do.

Many of Nightfox’s clients have already tried pursuing their debts through the small claims court with no success. The legal system in the UK can prove very frustrating which is why so many people choose to use a debt collection agency. Whilst it can be easy to ignore letters, debtors cannot simply ignore a real person that is standing in front of them. Nightfox uses traditional doorstep face to face debt collection techniques which forces the debtor to take the debt seriously. They have assembled an experienced team of highly trained professionals from all backgrounds who are highly effective at getting a client’s money back.

The Nightfox team are committed to always maintaining the highest professional standards in everything that they do. Before taking on a case they take the time to try and gain a real understanding of the situation so that they don’t waste a client’s time or money chasing unrecoverable debts. Once they take on a case they usually start working on the case within 24 hours. They have a very transparent pricing structure in place where they provide an upfront quote with no hidden fees so clients know exactly what they will be paying for. These fees are fully recoverable and added to what the debtor owes. The challenge that Nightfox faces in the future as their reputation grows and the demand for their services increases further will be to maintain the high standards that have become such a trademark. Given their track record we think it’s something that they will achieve and that Nightfox is a name you’ll be hearing much more of in the years to come.