Nightfox Investigations offer specialist debt collection services that are ideal for business or personal clients. We’re experts at assisting our clients get back monies owed in a speedy and professional manner and are extremely proud of our high success rates and fantastic reputation in the trade. The reason for our success is down to our simple reliance on the good old fashioned face-to-face debt collection techniques that works so well.

We can help your business handle bad debt on a single invoice basis, or take over your entire collection of debtors, and we deal with all UK debtors and overseas debtors, when necessary. You can rely on our professionalism and high levels of confidentiality when it comes to handling debt collections in the quickest and most successful manner. Take time to browse our website to find out more .

Traditional debt collecting from the experts

We use traditional doorstep debt collection techniques to collect back the money owed to our clients. Many clients come to us as a last resort, due to the fact they feel handcuffed by the legal systems in place throughout the UK. We find some debtors get away with non-payment even when bailiffs have been instructed to handle their case. Here at Nightfox, we refuse to be beaten by your debtors and carry out personal collections until the cash has been fully recovered.

Many consumers and businesses in the UK treat their bad debt as inconsequential and go on racking up debts with other suppliers. The tailored debt collections techniques used by Nightfox ensure that no debtor has the last laugh when it comes to money owed. No matter how old the debt, our expert team of debt collectors ensure that repayment in full is treated as a priority by your former customer or business acquaintance.

What we do

When you instruct Nightfox Investigations to recover bad debt, you’re working with experts who just won’t take “no” for an answer. In the first instance, we carry out doorstep calls to conduct face to face debt collections and we cover the entire UK and overseas. It’s never a problem if your debtor has disappeared without a trace from the address registered on your account because our superb investigation techniques will soon winkle out your debtor’s new address.

We utilise the most technologically advanced tracing systems to track down UK debtors and also specialise in overseas debt recovery. We have almost 75 years’ experience in tracking down debtors and ensuring our clients are paid back the cash that’s owed them. Whenever our debt collection techniques need reinforcement, we put legal actions in place in the High Court.

Our charges

Our fees are based on reasonable commissions from the debts we collect on your behalf; we also impose administration charges on your debtors to ensure you achieve the best possible returns on cash owed to you. There are no hidden costs when you instruct Nightfox Investigations to recover debts, so give us a call today and let’s get the ball rolling immediately.