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Summer 2021

If Your Debtors Are Continually Fobbing You Off, You Want Action And You’re Serious. Then Call The Debt Recovery Experts

If you are serious and are looking to get your money collected then we at Nightfox Investigations and Debt Recovery can assist you. Whether you need a business debt collection agency or an old fashioned face to face debt collection service that uses modern technology, such as wearing a body-cam, we can assist.

To start your claim click here . This will allow you to choose the level of debt you are owed, and it gives our debt collectors all the key information they need to recover your debt. Using face to face debt collection means we go to the business or individual that owes you the debt, increasing the chances of it being recovered quickly. Whatever kind of debt you need collecting, asset recovering or even people tracing, we can assist.

“I used Nightfox to collect 170k from a company that I invested in, the company in question just took my money and ran. I met Dean who put me at ease straightaway, it did take longer than hoped but nobody was happier than me when I was told that I was getting paid, The video footage was brilliant and really made my day when I saw the look on their faces. I have given them another today for only £3k, I bet they have it collected already!!!”

Chris Simpson

“These guys don’t mess around, I had the last laugh. When I had tried all other options to get my money back including other debt collection companies and legal representation, it was Nightfox who got me my £37,500 plus costs back. It was clear I was getting nowhere and these guys got my money back within weeks. I cant thank you enough.”

John Stevens

“Many thanks to all the team at Nightfox Investigations & Debt Recovery Limited, from the initial enquiry I made to you guys, to the meeting I had with Phillip Dunn you guys really did take the stress away from what has been a ridiculously hard 2 years, not only was I let down by my lawyer for whom clearly regarded myself and my wife as an open cheque book, but also the system as a whole clearly favoured my debtor and not ourselves, it is hard to put into words to explain how eternally grateful we are to Nightfox and receiving full payment of our 42k and costs will really change our lives going forward, (Phil my promise of a nice 12 year old single malt is on the way to you this is the least we can do for you) my advice to anybody owed money do not waste time and money with lawyers, if you are lucky enough to meet Mr Dunn then you will clearly get to see first hand why these guys and his team are paid.”

Mr and Mrs Edmondson

“Used this company to recover a debt from a ex family friend who had borrowed £12000. The ex family friend said it was for a car but after buying the car he refused to pay back the money. He gave all the excuses you could imagine. On searching google this company appeared at the top of the search. After reading the website I liked the idea of ‘old fashioned’ debt collecting. After speaking with Phil in the office a representative came to my house within 48hrs. The agent talked me through how they would go about getting my money back. I really liked the idea of being able to see the chest cam footage and seeing the agent put into practice what he had told me. Everything the agent told me was carried out. I particularly like the getting under the skin because this is definitely true. The company recovered my money and for this I cant thank them enough, i had nearly given up on the money. Thank you to Nightfox and all the people linked to the case you have done a brilliant job.”


“Thank you to all team at Nightfox, Phil, I would like to say a massive thank you for the recovery of my debt. As you no doubt know being in construction we are used to having our invoices chipped away on. However to be told we will not receive a penny and they will see us in court was potentially life-changing and if we had not had found you we were finished. Being owed 52k would have put us into the gutter we cannot thank you and your team enough we wish you all the success going forward. Note to all if you are owed money these guys will not let you down.”

Louis McGee – Electric Center UK

“I run a small business and was perhaps a little too trusting regarding payments resulting in a couple of clients not paying. I tried all the usual methods of recovery which were tiresome and pointless and that’s where Nightfox stepped in. My due debt was recovered within 7 days thanks to them with no hassle to myself. Their no nonsense yet professional approach works where others may not. There is no doubt this company are the best in business and worth their weight in gold. Thanks again Nightfox, hopefully I’m never in a situation to need your services again but if I am I know where to come.”


“Having had no success after a year pursuing recovery of money owed to me, I chose Nightfox Investigations to recover the money on my behalf. I have been completely amazed at the speed which Phillip and his Team successfully secured all of the money due to me. What a great result. I can’t overstate the way it feels to have achieved a just outcome! All of this is due entirely to the solid, professional action of the Team at Nightfox Investigations. 
If you’ve reached the end the line over money owed to you, don’t give up! Don’t hesitate, instruct Nightfox to take on recovery of your money. Just let them do what they do best and you could get a great outcome too. Thanks to the Team @ Nightfox for taking all the aggravation away AND getting my money back … fantastic!”

Franklin Macdonald

“Nightfox succeeded where others failed. I have used a well known TV high court company previously but never got anything, I needed a different approach and found these people. Whilst they may be a bit unorthodox they do get the job done, I am now Fifty Thousand Pounds better off for making the call”

Lee Parish

“Overseas debt collected. We had a problem in the USA that needed resolving. Happy to say it has been resolved to my satisfaction, I even got to watch the footage. Thanks again.”

Gary Harmer

“Awesome debt collectors, they do not mess around, they visited my debtor within a day of instruction – I just had an email with video footage of the visit and the look on the face of the company director that owes me was priceless. I’ve just had a payment in my bank”

Paul Hannigan
  • Specialists In Face to Face Debt Collection Since 2006

  • There Are No Hidden Costs, What We Quote Is What You’ll Pay

  • We Will Wipe The Grin Of Your Debtors Face

  • We Action Each Case Within 24 Hours

  • Advanced Systems Providing Real-Time Information

  • 75 Years Combined Experience

  • We Ensure That You Will Have The Last Laugh

  • You Wasted Time Getting A CCJ? – We Will Collect It

  • High Court Enforcement

  • Court Order Recovery

  • Personal Debt Collection

  • Large Debt Recovery

  • Overseas Debt Recovery

  • Private Investigation

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