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Visits Are Recorded For You!


Debtors Are Electronically Tracked


Including Fully Licensed Drone Operators


Full In Depth Financial Checks Undertaken


They Will Be Fully Investigated In The First 24hrs!


Summer 2020


Nightfox Investigations & Debt Recovery offer specialist debt collection services that are ideal for commercial debt collection or for collecting personal debts. When we are instructed for debt collection on your behalf, we don’t stop until we have got every penny back for you.

You may have tried a Small Claims Court or the Money Claim Online service – most of our customers are let down by these debt collection services and don’t understand that you don’t need a piece of paper off as man in a wig to get your money back and instruct a debt collector!

In fact, over 85% of our customers don’t go down the legal by using High Court Enforcement officers such as Court Bailiffs, they don’t need to. Our face to face debt collectors are highly experienced and effective at getting your money back.

We’re experts at assisting our clients with debt collection in a speedy and professional manner and are extremely proud of our high success rates and fantastic reputation in the industry.

You’re in safe hands

Nightfox Investigations & Debt Recovery have an impeccable credit history, unlike many of our competitors who have outstanding debt, county court judgements  and failed to submit their accounts in a timely fashion, or not at all. It is very important when appointing a debt collection company that you do your due diligence.

We are transparent when it comes to our business and history. This is why we publish our official rating by Credit Safe, so that you can see we stand behind what we say. The latest report that can be seen here was produced in September 2020. View our credit report here.

We record every site visit – view some examples here

Traditional debt collection from the experts

We use traditional doorstep face to face debt collection techniques to collect the money owed to our clients. Many clients come to us as a last resort, due to the fact they feel handcuffed by the legal systems in place throughout the UK. We find some debtors get away with non-payment even when a collection agency has been instructed to handle their case.

Here at Nightfox, we refuse to be beaten by your debtors and carry out personal debt collections until the cash has been fully recovered or every avenue has been exploited.

We find that even when pre-vetting is done by clients using systems like Creditsafe, you are still at risk of non-payment. Sometimes it’s because the debtor won’t pay, other times they are simply unwilling to pay what they owe. Debt recovery isn’t complex – you simply need to be professional and don’t give up until the money is repaid. Our debt collectors will not let you down unlike many Court Bailiffs and High Court Enforcement teams.

Many consumers and businesses in the UK treat their bad debt as inconsequential and go on racking up debts with other suppliers. The tailored debt collection techniques used by Nightfox ensure that no debtor has the last laugh when it comes to money owed. No matter how old the debt and as long as we can legally undertake it, our expert team of debt collectors ensure that repayment in full is treated as a priority by your former customer or business acquaintance. We can also travel anywhere in the world, and have recovered debt from people who think they’ve got away with it.

We choose the right approach

Nightfox Investigations & Debt Recovery assess each and every case before taking you on as a client, making sure we fully understand your debt. We will not waste our time and your money chasing deceased or imprisoned debtors and have a number of debt recovery solutions for you. We offer personal debt recovery, commercial debt recovery, asset tracing and recovery, international debt recovery and nationwide debt collection across the whole of the UK including; England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Some clients use our debt recovery services when they have obtained a court judgment via the small claims court or Money Claim Online, while others have tried debt recovery solicitors, Court Bailiffs and other third party debt collectors without success. We offer old fashioned face to face debt recovery across the whole of the UK and have regional offices in; London, Manchester, Bristol, Solihull and Edinburgh.

  • We Do Not Waste Time With Telephone Calls And Letters

  • Your Debtor Will Start To Take You Seriously

  • We Will Begin Visits Of Each Case Within 24 Hours.

  • Your Administration Fees Are Recoverable – Why Should You Be Out Of Pocket

  • Advanced Systems Providing Real-Time Information

  • Full Team Of Agents Covering All Of The UK

  • 75 Years Combined Experience

  • Overseas Debt Recovery Specialists

  • High Court Enforcement

  • CCJ Enforcement

  • No Hidden Costs, What We Quote Is What You’ll Pay

  • Personal Debt Collectors

  • Large Debt Recovery

  • Small Debt Recovery

  • Corporate Debt Recovery

  • Specialists In Face To Face Debt Collection Since 2006

Why is face to face debt recovery so effective?

We know that the COVID-19 pandemic is having a major impact on everyone’s lives right now. This is certainly being seen in the business sector where many organisations are doing their best to stay afloat as the UK lockdown continues. We are all in this fight together though which is why stories of some firms using the virus as an excuse to not pay bills are shameful. If you are facing problems with someone who owes you money but is refusing to pay, there is one way to sort it out effectively – face to face debt collection through a professional debt recovery agency. The Money Claim Online is not going to get you the results you need if you don’t know the address of the debtor, so what’s the point? The whole small claims process is a waste of your time and your money.

The current situation does make the debt collection process more challenging. This has left some companies who are owed money trying to recover it through letters or emails. With many finding this less than satisfactory, it has highlighted how face to face recovery is the only truly effective way to get your money back.

If you have a bad debt, we will do everything in our power to collect it.

There are many online debt collection services that you can now access, these often don’t bare fruit, as emails and letters can be ignored. Your debtor cannot ignore a real person stood in front of them. It is at that point the debtor will begin to take you seriously, the lines of communication that were lost will now be open. The Money Claim Online Service that many try is useless unless you know where the debtor is, and even then has very low success rates. Even Small Claim Courts, if you win, may award a few pounds a week when you know the debtor has the money to pay you.

We can help you or your business handle bad debt on a single case basis, or for businesses take over your entire collection of debtors, and we deal with UK debt collection and overseas debtors, when necessary. You can rely on the professionalism of our debt collectors and we offer high levels of confidentiality when it comes to handling debt collections in the quickest and most successful manner.

We may be old fashioned but we understand your company has a reputation. Your reputation is of paramount importance to us.

A piece  of paper often means nothing! 

Some people think that once they go to court, a Court Bailiff is appointed, justice will prevail and they’ll receive back the money they’re owed. However, just because a well-educated lady or gentlemen in wig makes a judgement in your favour, it doesn’t mean you’ll get your money back. In fact, all a court judgement means is that you have an official piece of paper showing how much you’re owed and who owes it you!

This process can take months and sometimes years. Post Covid-19, it’s estimated it will take, on average, 16 months to get to court –  even then courts are likely to take a lenient approach to many debtors. Is it worth going through this long, drawn -out process when the next stage is to call a company like ours to actually collect the debt?

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Instruct us today

When you instruct Nightfox Investigations to recover bad debt, you’re working with experts who just won’t take “no” for an answer. In the first instance, we carry out doorstep calls to conduct face to face debt collections and we cover the entire UK and overseas.

It’s never a problem if your debtor has disappeared without a trace from the address registered on your account because our superb investigation techniques will soon winkle out your debtor’s new address. Unlike High Court Enforcement, we will search for your debtor at multiple addresses and travel to where we need to.

We utilise the most technologically advanced tracing systems to track down UK debtors and also specialise in overseas debt recovery. We have almost 75 years’ experience in tracking down debtors and ensuring our clients are paid back the cash that’s owed them. Whenever our debt collection techniques need reinforcement, we put legal actions in place in the High Court.

Quick resolution to the problem

Compared to other methods of debt recovery, face to face is the fastest way of getting your money back. Rather than wasting lots of time sending letters back and forth, debt recovery in person can begin within 24 hours and often get it sorted out in one visit. Even if the initial visit does not work, subsequent visits will still provide quicker results in most cases than sending emails or letters. in comparison, the Money Claim Online service is slow and rarely ends up in a successful outcome.

Impossible to ignore

There is one major advantage debt recovery in person gives – people suddenly find the money in question when they have someone with authority in front of them asking for it! Other ways of trying to get your money back are just too easy to ignore or laugh off. This is certainly not the case when a professional debt collector is there in person to assess the situation and ensure your debt is taken seriously.

Stops you being left until last

One big problem many businesses can have with debtors is being the last in a long queue. This is not ideal as it can see you wait a long time to get paid, if there is any money left by the time your turn comes. Face to face collection eliminates this issue by making sure you are first in line to be paid and not pushed to the back.

Our charges

Our fees are based on reasonable commissions from the debts we collect on your behalf; we charge reasonable expenses to cover the cost of visits and administration, this is fully recoverable from the debtor and added to the debtors liability this ensures that you achieve the best possible returns on cash owed to you. There are no hidden costs when you instruct Nightfox Investigations to recover debts, so give us a call today and let’s get the ball rolling immediately.

Do not wait for your debtor to pay others, the one that shouts the loudest will get paid first!

Face to face debt collection with Nightfox Investigations

Here at Nightfox Investigations, we help UK businesses get the money they are owed. Our professional team of debt collectors are highly experienced in face to face recovery and will get your money back, quickly! Although the current situation with COVID-19 may make this not possible right now in many cases, we will be able to recover your money in person as soon as official advice from the UK Government allows us too.

Communication is key

One of our first objectives is to open lines to communication with your debtor, normally this is what our clients have lost, this is usually because the debtor is usually prioritising other creditors and not you, we at Nightfox make sure you are the first on your debtors mind in a morning and the last thing at night. Those that shout the loudest get paid first.

Act Quickly

The most important factor in a successful recovery is to take action quickly rather than waiting for a Court Bailiff to be appointed! If the debtor won’t pay or can’t pay, there will no doubt be other debts they won’t or can’t pay. You must let them know that you are serious and get to the front of the queue for payment. One thing that is for certain, your debtor will not want that knock on the door from one of the Nightfox Enforcement Team. Our team are not small gentlemen that shake paperwork around, they are real men that get the job done.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss any matter of Personal, Business Debt or Asset Reclamation, we’re happy to talk.

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I didn’t get the paperwork

The cheque’s in the post…

I thought I had paid

My Wife owns everything

Do what you have to do

Take me to Court

Can I pay when I’m ready?

I am not paying whatever you do!

Get in line…

I’m going bust

I dispute that…

B2B Debt Recovery

Business to Business debt can be crippling for any size of companies cashflow, it’s important to act decisively and quickly with any B2B debt.

Nightfox Enforcement Agents have particular experience and knowledge in recovering accounts in the construction, consultancy, distribution, recruitment and wholesale sectors.

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Personal Debt Recovery

Whether its a personal loan to family/friend, unpaid service fees or even a bounced cheque for goods, Nightfox have a proven track record of recovering your debt.

Our professional, ethical and direct Private Debt Collection approach delivers superb results and sees a market leading recovery rate, sometimes as high as 90%, for all undisputed private debts. Contact us now to start the process.

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Asset Recovery

Repossession of assets, primarily motor vehicles are carried out damage free by our highly experienced field operatives, who all share the same philosophy which is to treat our customer’s customer as we ourselves would wish to be treated in such circumstances. All operatives abide by strict codes of conduct and work to our exacting service level articles. Contact us now to start the process.

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  • Specialists In Face to Face Debt Collection Since 2006

  • There Are No Hidden Costs, What We Quote Is What You’ll Pay

  • We Will Wipe The Grin Of Your Debtors Face

  • We Action Each Case Within 24 Hours

  • Advanced Systems Providing Real-Time Information

  • 75 Years Combined Experience

  • We Ensure That You Will Have The Last Laugh

  • You Wasted Time Getting A CCJ? – We Will Collect It

  • High Court Enforcement

  • Court Order Recovery

  • Personal Debt Collection

  • Large Debt Recovery

  • Overseas Debt Recovery

  • Private Investigation

“Very Professional, Fast and Good Old Fashioned Debt Recovery. I had my debt recovered and was very happy with the outcome, my debtor had told me that they were not paying me and had offered me £1 per week before I got Nightfox involved. Nightfox seem like a really old fashioned debt recovery company and after meeting my contact, I understood why and how they do this, he is a mountain of a man yet very intelligent. I was told all my debtor needed was motivating to pay and boy did they do that. Communications with the office could be better but as Natalie said ‘we are better served collecting debts than updating clients constantly’ This company performs well, they will send reports on the visits when asked and all in all do a brilliant job. I would recommend highly and have already done so”

Mr Donal Macwhirter

“They do it the old fashioned way. I was owed money by an online fraudster and after applying to the county courts and getting no help at all from them after 6 months I lost all hope. I was advised by a colleague to call Nightfox. After a chat with members of the Nightfox team and listening to their advice I started to feel more comfortable and knew they would endeavour to track down this fraudster and get my money returned. Well, they tracked the debtor down and had my money returned. If I’m ever placed in this situation again I will definitely be calling on the services of Nightfox and would advise and recommend this firm to anyone. Well done Nightfox, outstanding work and a BIG thank you to you all.”

Liam N

“After months of trying to settle an outstanding balance for a kitchen I had fitted for a customer and getting nowhere I contacted Phil from Nightfox Investigations and explained my case he was more than happy to invest his time and effort into retrieving the outstanding balance I cannot thank Phil and Dave from NightFox enough as I was thinking it was a lost cause Phil assured me he would deal with the matter which he did, thanks again Nightfox team I would recommend you to anyone with the same problem”

Stephen Fagan

“Paid back today debt of £19,000 just deposited in my account thanks to Jason Doyle. I had written this off and thought I’d never see it. Keith came to see me and put me at ease and asked me to be patient, which I was. I gave them a few weeks, called and they were expecting payment that Friday. Here I am now able to trade that little bit longer. Despite my supplier saying they wouldn’t pay me and to ‘do what I had to’ they certainly paid Nightfox and cannot thank them enough. A special thanks to Gemma for paying me early.”

Doss L

“Simple solution to a year long problem! My company instructed Nightfox Investigations to recover from another company that we did subcontract work for. They were paid many months ago but claimed they hadn’t been, we heard they had, so instructed Nightfox. I was impressed by their body-cam footage and the fact they visited straightaway, it took them a little under a month to get all the money back including my costs. I cannot thank the team enough and even accepted being told off for calling everyday, sorry… It was all too exciting for my finance team.”

Karen & Liam Waterworth

“Phil will not take no for an answer. When your invoices and calls are being ignored give Phil at Nightfox a call, he will not be ignored and will not be fobbed off.”

Kim Woodhead – MD Pace Fire and Security

“Simple solution to a year long problem! My company instructed Nightfox Investigations to recover from another company that we did subcontract work for. They were paid many months ago but claimed they hadn’t been, we heard they had, so instructed Nightfox. I was impressed by their body-cam footage and the fact they visited straightaway, it took them a little under a month to get all the money back including my costs. I cannot thank the team enough and even accepted being told off for calling everyday, sorry… It was all too exciting for my finance team..”

Emily Porter

“Many thanks to all the team at Nightfox Investigations & Debt Recovery Limited, from the initial enquiry I made to you guys, to the meeting I had with Phillip Dunn you guys really did take the stress away from what has been a ridiculously hard 2 years, not only was I let down by my lawyer for whom clearly regarded myself and my wife as an open cheque book, but also the system as a whole clearly favoured my debtor and not ourselves, it is hard to put into words to explain how eternally grateful we are to Nightfox and receiving full payment of our 42k and costs will really change our lives going forward, (Phil my promise of a nice 12 year old single malt is on the way to you this is the least we can do for you) my advice to anybody owed money do not waste time and money with lawyers, if you are lucky enough to meet Mr Dunn then you will clearly get to see first hand why these guys and his team are paid.”

Mr and Mrs Edmondson


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