“I used Nightfox to collect 170k from a company that I invested in, the company in question just took my money and ran. I met Dean who put me at ease straightaway, it did take longer than hoped but nobody was happier than me when I was told that I was getting paid, The video footage was brilliant and really made my day when I saw the look on their faces. I have given them another today for only £3k, I bet they have it collected already!!”

Chris Simpson

“Cannot recommend these guys highly enough. They don’t mess around, get the job done no fuss with professionalism and recover what you’re owed. They get results! First time i’ve ever used a Debt Recovery agent and will certainly use them again if i ever need to. Video footage was fantastic…definitely an added bonus, Thank you!”

Kerry Goddard

“Very Professional, Fast and Good Old Fashioned Debt Recovery. I had my debt recovered and was very happy with the outcome, my debtor had told me that they were not paying me and had offered me £1 per week before I got Nightfox involved. Nightfox seem like a really old fashioned debt recovery company and after meeting my contact, I understood why and how they do this, he is a mountain of a man yet very intelligent. I was told all my debtor needed was motivating to pay and boy did they do that. Communications with the office could be better but as Natalie said ‘we are better served collecting debts than updating clients constantly’ This company performs well, they will send reports on the visits when asked and all in all do a brilliant job. I would recommend highly and have already done so”

Mr Donal Macwhirter

“They do it the old fashioned way. I was owed money by an online fraudster and after applying to the county courts and getting no help at all from them after 6 months I lost all hope. I was advised by a colleague to call Nightfox. After a chat with members of the Nightfox team and listening to their advice I started to feel more comfortable and knew they would endeavour to track down this fraudster and get my money returned. Well, they tracked the debtor down and had my money returned. If I’m ever placed in this situation again I will definitely be calling on the services of Nightfox and would advise and recommend this firm to anyone. Well done Nightfox, outstanding work and a BIG thank you to you all.”

Liam N

“After months of trying to settle an outstanding balance for a kitchen I had fitted for a customer and getting nowhere I contacted Phil from Nightfox Investigations and explained my case he was more than happy to invest his time and effort into retrieving the outstanding balance I cannot thank Phil and Dave from NightFox enough as I was thinking it was a lost cause Phil assured me he would deal with the matter which he did, thanks again Nightfox team I would recommend you to anyone with the same problem”

Stephen Fagan

“Paid back today debt of £19,000 just deposited in my account thanks to Jason Doyle. I had written this off and thought I’d never see it. Keith came to see me and put me at ease and asked me to be patient, which I was. I gave them a few weeks, called and they were expecting payment that Friday. Here I am now able to trade that little bit longer. Despite my supplier saying they wouldn’t pay me and to ‘do what I had to’ they certainly paid Nightfox and cannot thank them enough. A special thanks to Gemma for paying me early.”

Doss L

“I today received payment for a debt that has been owed to me for 4 years, I had been ripped off by a builder who took my money and ran. After initially speaking to Gemma I was put through to Dean who arranged for somebody to come and see me, I met Phil who put me at ease immediately. Six weeks later I now have my money back. Well done to everybody and a wholehearted thank you.”

Karen & Liam Waterworth

“Phil will not take no for an answer. When your invoices and calls are being ignored give Phil at Nightfox a call, he will not be ignored and will not be fobbed off.”

Kim Woodhead – MD Pace Fire and Security

“Simple solution to a year long problem! My company instructed Nightfox Investigations to recover from another company that we did subcontract work for. They were paid many months ago but claimed they hadn’t been, we heard they had, so instructed Nightfox. I was impressed by their body-cam footage and the fact they visited straightaway, it took them a little under a month to get all the money back including my costs. I cannot thank the team enough and even accepted being told off for calling everyday, sorry… It was all too exciting for my finance team..”

Emily Porter

“Many thanks to all the team at Nightfox Investigations & Debt Recovery Limited, from the initial enquiry I made to you guys, to the meeting I had with Phillip Dunn you guys really did take the stress away from what has been a ridiculously hard 2 years, not only was I let down by my lawyer for whom clearly regarded myself and my wife as an open cheque book, but also the system as a whole clearly favoured my debtor and not ourselves, it is hard to put into words to explain how eternally grateful we are to Nightfox and receiving full payment of our 42k and costs will really change our lives going forward, (Phil my promise of a nice 12 year old single malt is on the way to you this is the least we can do for you) my advice to anybody owed money do not waste time and money with lawyers, if you are lucky enough to meet Mr Dunn then you will clearly get to see first hand why these guys and his team are paid.”

Mr and Mrs Edmondson

“Thank you to all team at Nightfox, Phil, I would like to say a massive thank you for the recovery of my debt. As you no doubt know being in construction we are used to having our invoices chipped away on. However to be told we will not receive a penny and they will see us in court was potentially life-changing and if we had not had found you we were finished. Being owed 52k would have put us into the gutter we cannot thank you and your team enough we wish you all the success going forward. Note to all if you are owed money these guys will not let you down.”

Louis McGee – Electric Center UK

“After a year of non-payment I contacted Nightfox and they immediately put me at ease with their professionalism, they took on my case and collected it super quick. Not only was my full debt recovered but so were the costs that I had to pay to instruct Nightfox, I would highly recommend them and would use them in the future if I needed to you.”

Anne Whittaker – The Rainhall Centre

“I contacted Nightfox after a client that we serviced for 10 years didn’t pay us for several months, we are a wholesaler and the amount outstanding was £138k, we knew they were being supplied by others as they are a wholesaler also. We have had £100k back so far and are expecting the balance soon, words cannot express my gratitude and my thanks for our to all the team, especially Jason who I met at the beginning of the process and who managed the debt throughout. These guys just like to be left alone to do their thing and boy do they do it.”

Martin Lloyd

“Having had no success after a year pursuing recovery of money owed to me, I chose Nightfox Investigations to recover the money on my behalf. I have been completely amazed at the speed which Phillip and his Team successfully secured all of the money due to me. What a great result. I can’t overstate the way it feels to have achieved a just outcome! All of this is due entirely to the solid, professional action of the Team at Nightfox Investigations. 
If you’ve reached the end the line over money owed to you, don’t give up! Don’t hesitate, instruct Nightfox to take on recovery of your money. Just let them do what they do best and you could get a great outcome too. Thanks to the Team @ Nightfox for taking all the aggravation away AND getting my money back … fantastic!”

Franklin Macdonald

“Had a call earlier from my debtor asking me to ‘Call the dogs off’ and they would pay. They paid Nightfox when they made it clear it wasn’t my problem and it was now theirs class. I cannot thank Marc enough and there is some brandy on it’s way.”

William Hall

“They Do What They Say They Do. I instructed Nightfox to collect a debt that was in fact a CCJ from a problematic debtor, the debtor had no intention of paying me for my work.
He ignored everything, my letters, my CCJ claim and the CCJ – I tried other High Court companies but the debtor just told them where to go.Then I contacted Nightfox.Well, what a difference! The debtor was hard work and despite getting a quick payment they had to constantly pursue him and never gave up, I did have complaints from the debtor that they were ruining his life but it was not my problem, he should have paid me. The time it took Nightfox to recover their money is a testament to their resolve. These guys are the right people to have on your side. A big thank you to David and Keith for your tenacity in getting this one.”

Scott Collier

“These guys never ever give up, we instructed this company to collect two debts, the latter being the idiot that wrote the one star review left for Nightfox on this site last night by a serial non-paying debtor, the idiot in question instructed me via a fraudulent company to put security locks and security doors within his house, the house is like fort Knox and is so because this person is a serial fraudster and hides in there whilst ripping people off like me, a good honest hard working person with a small business. It amazes me that I installed all this equipment for him to use to evade debt collectors like Nightfox. Nightfox have finally got this canary squawking and I cannot be any happier, I would not hesitate to use Nightfox again, they are professional, they act fast and most importantly they deliver. ”

Gillian Simpson

“I have been in business for a long time. As with any business there is always the worry of putting too many eggs in your proverbial basket and a client deciding not to pay as happened to me. This is devastating and can finish your dreams for ever, but help is at hand. As Corney as it sounds “If you have a problem” pick up the telephone and be assured that night fox will listen and help. Professional people doing a professional job. ..Many thanks to Mr Dunne and all of his staff.”

Philip Astley

“Another debt collected by Nightfox, unusually this one was 70k and a bit of a one off, we use Nightfox regularly and the recovery of this one really surprised us all. I met Steve for the first time in 2016, our debts aren’t usually massive, but we do send them a lot Monthly, around the 40k mark. For what it costs a credit controller we get a vast team of collectors. Thank You”

Mary Broadbent

“Happiness Restored Had a 14k outstanding for three months, Nightfox were instructed two weeks ago and have just confirmed it has been collected. Even if this hadn’t been collected, I cannot fault Nightfox as they did exactly as they said they would do.”

Elmor Victor

“Would just like to say a massive thank you to Phil and the team, we thought all was lost but thanks to Nightfox this wasn’t the case. Hopefully we won’t find ourselves in this position again but if we do we will be straight back in touch. Highly recommend.”

George C

“£17000 owed to me for over three years, Nightfox instructed for 7 weeks until I got news and boy was it news. Collected in full and the fee to boot. -Good Work.”

Dave Moore

“I used this company to recover £57k from a building contractor that made an absolute mess of my house, the debtor told me I could whistle for my money and had no hope whatever. Then I contacted Nightfox, from my initial meeting with Marc and right throughout the process I could not believe the balls of this company, they really do what hey say they are going to do.”

John McGough

“Thanks Nightfox, I couldn’t bear to watch the body-can footage at first, but boy am I glad I did.That’s £47k back in my account that I wouldn’t have had without you.”

Geoff Hunt

“I used Nightfox to collect a debt owed to my company, they aren’t the most pleasant of people but they do get the job done. I would also thank mark for the advice received regarding our seven day letter.”

Louise Milligan

“Remitted today for the progressive work against a well known bad payer, I was happy to watch it unfold with the body camera footage and I ‘m most grateful to Beatrice for ensuring this one was collected.”

Paula Robinson

“Simple Solution, Nothing but praise for this company. Debt collected of 18 thousand, and just paid back. It took longer than I thought, but something is better in the long run than nothing ever.”

Kate Allkock

“After a year of non payment I contacted Nightfox and they immediately put me at ease with their professionalism, they took on my case and collected it super quick. Not only was my full debt recovered but so were the costs that I had to pay to instruct Nightfox, I would highly recommend them and would use them in the future if I needed to”

Rainhall Centre

“5 Star Debt Collectors, they do not mess around, they visited my debtor within a day of instruction – I just had an email with video footage of the visit and the look on the face of the company director that owes me was priceless. I’ve just had a payment in my bank”

Paul Hannigan

“Overseas debt collected. We had a problem in the USA that needed resolving. Happy to say it has been resolved to my satisfaction, I even got to watch the footage. Thanks again.”

Gary Harmer

“Simple Solution, Nothing but praise for this company. Debt collected of 18 thousand, and just paid back. It took longer than I thought, but something is better in the long run than nothing ever.”

AC Electrics

“Thanks to Dean and his team for getting me money back, it will certainly help the company keep trading.”

Daniel Warburton

“Massive thanks to the team, particularly Gemma for her understanding in my matter, and to Jason for actually collecting it. I can’t thank you enough.”

Debbie Alstom

“I certainly wouldn’t mess them around, I owed them money and on the day I paid them I instructed them to help me, having them in my corner was far better than being on the receiving end.”

Jason Woolley

“Phil will not take no for an answer. When your invoices and calls are being ignored give Phil at Nightfox a call, he will not be ignored and will not be fobbed off.”

Kim Woodhead

“Great Service”

Matthew Cartmell