We work in an industry that often has clients with highly charged emotions. Our website is directed at people who are owed money, companies who may be going out of business as a result of it, or people going through very difficult times.

Our aim is to help these people recover their debt.

We have recently been featured in the Daily Record and Sunday Mail, and while we accept that we do come across as an an organisation that demonstrates a direct approach to debt collection, we do so within the bounds of the law in the UK using highly trained, professional agents.

Extract from the article:

“The website is a shop window for clients, not a terror window for debtors.

“The debts we undertake are business-related debts either between businesses and businesses or business to individuals and we do not undertake any work under a credit agreement.

“Our website, whilst as you say may imply something it does not, there are many unscrupulous companies within our sector – we are not one of them.

“As we do not undertake credit debts, we have never had a section on our site regarding depression or help charities.

“As we are a very ethical company, we will be implementing a new health page on our site pointing people to bodies such as the CAB and Mind if they are seeking help.”