Body cameras are becoming more and more widely used in all avenues of debt collection and policy enforcement. As a client, the use of body cameras can offer you a number of clear benefits. That’s why when you’re choosing a debt recovery specialist, it’s essential you’re clear on their body camera policy before you commit to their services.

Here are just three of the many benefits a body camera can offer.

Recording evidence

A serious issue around debt collection is the issue of “he said, she said, they said” – hearsay can be very damaging to a debt recovery case if there’s no clear record of what was actually said. A debtor could, for instance, claim a debt collector was bullying them as a way of continuing to defer their payments while the matter was investigated. With a body camera, you don’t have to worry about that, because every action and interaction is recorded for clear evidence. In the case of a matter going to court, it can be used as evidence that you have tried reasonable means of having the debt collected yourself.

Ensures professionalism

When you work with a debt collection specialist, they are representing your business – it’s important they do so to the same standards you expect of your employees and yourself. Professionalism is essential. The use of “bullying” tactics is a serious issue and gives legitimate debt collectors a bad reputation. Using a specialist that has body cameras as a part of their policy gives you the peace of mind that their behaviour and interaction is always being recorded. That means there’s going to be nothing in the way of the most important matter, namely recouping the debt that your business is owed.

Protects you from liability

Debt collection can be a precarious business, in the event that an accident happens or that the debtor claims inappropriate behaviour, it’s important that your business is exonerated from any wrongdoing. It can damage your brand image if your business is tied to using inferior debt collectors who have not handled a recovery professionally. Body cameras provide clear evidence of everything the debt collector did and said, and the debtor as well, so you have complete protection.

Who should you trust?

When you’re choosing a debt recovery specialist, it’s important that you choose one that you can rely on. Nightfox Investigations use body cameras as standard on all of our visits. Contact us today for more information.