We all try to do our best to ensure that we give money to people and companies that are reputable and that you can trust. However, sometimes even the best business deals can turn sour, and friends you thought you could trust end up letting you down. If you have a business or ex-friend who owes you money and won’t pay, it can be difficult to know what to do.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has made it even harder for businesses and individuals to get in touch with their debtors. In fact, it was estimated that £8.6 billion payments will go unpaid by the end of the pandemic.

If you are owed money and don’t know what to do, here are some reasons why you should consider face-to-face debt collection over sending emails.

Your debtor will start to take you seriously

If a debtor is serious about not paying you back, sending them an email will do nothing to help. Emails can be missed and ignored, and no matter how many times you send one there is no chance that the debtor will read or pay attention to them.

Unlike emails, face-to-face debt collection ensures that the debtor will know that you are on to them about not owing your money. They can ignore emails, but they can’t ignore professional debt collectors. Once they see these debt collectors, they will know that they are serious about your debt, and it may persuade them to pay.

It will help you get results quicker

If you spend weeks and weeks sending emails to your debtor, you will be wasting your own valuable time. If you choose a professional debt collection agency, like Night Fox, we will not waste your time. In fact, we will assess your case before taking you on as a client, to ensure that we have all the necessary information to ensure that we utilise your time. We will not waste your time or money but will begin visits to each case within the first 24 hours. Better yet, we record all of our interactions with the debtor so you know exactly what happens during our visit.

You won’t be out of pocket

With over 75 years of combined experience in the debt collection industry, we can help ensure that your debtor pays you what they owe. We can help you to collect small or large debts, in the UK or abroad and can help you have your hard-earned money back in no time. Better yet, your administration fees will be covered.

If you have debt that needs to be paid, get the professional help that you can rely on. Contact Night Fox (https://www.nightfoxinvestigations.co.uk/) today to get your hard-earned money back.