Project Description

“I instructed this company in March 2020, when the country went into lockdown I was concerned as I saw they had closed due to the Covid-19 outbreak. When I called them they said that as soon as they opened they would pick up the case, after all Covid-19 was nobody’s fault. I have had two calls today, one from the person that owed the money absolutely balling down the phone asking me to call off the dogs (NF) then an hour later a call from NF telling me the debt was 75% collected with the balance on Monday, in perspective NF have done what Three other debt companies, Two Solicitors and One judge couldn’t do over three year. Instructing NF was against the grain for me as I was strictly a Money Claim person, not any more. This debt of £15k has been owed to my little business consultancy company since 2016, I was told that they were absolute nutcases by my friend who recommended them, well yes they are a little bit blunt and short to the point, one even told me (admittedly when I was firing questions at them during the initial call) to have my mouth shut and ears open 🙂 but isn’t that what debt collectors are supposed to be like? Thank You”

Kathleen Myers