Project Description

“Used this company to recover a debt from a ex family friend who had borrowed £12000. The ex family friend said it was for a car but after buying the car he refused to pay back the money. He gave all the excuses you could imagine. On searching google this company appeared at the top of the search. After reading the website I liked the idea of ‘old fashioned’ debt collecting. After speaking with Phil in the office a representative came to my house within 48hrs. The agent talked me through how they would go about getting my money back. I really liked the idea of being able to see the chest cam footage and seeing the agent put into practice what he had told me. Everything the agent told me was carried out. I particularly like the getting under the skin because this is definitely true. The company recovered my money and for this I cant thank them enough, i had nearly given up on the money.
Thank you to Nightfox and all the people linked to the case you have done a brilliant job.”