Every day, hundreds of companies are struggling with the problems which unpaid debt can bring. Many companies carry out work or dispatch products in good faith, believing that their clients will pay them. Unfortunately, all too often, clients will use every excuse in the book to delay payment of what they owe. Unpaid debt doesn’t just impact on profit margins; in some cases, a business may even go bankrupt because the money spent on materials or labour to get a job done is not being recouped.

Phone calls, letters and texts often don’t get results

When an invoice isn’t paid, companies usually try non-direct routes first in order to retrieve the money that’s owed to them. Unfortunately, letters, texts and calls are all too frequently ignored. Frustrated by failed attempts to secure payments, a common next step is to try and go down the legal route. Not only is this time consuming, but many debtors will also skillfully evade attempts to attend court or to stick to a payment schedule. If you want a fast, effective debt collection option, face-to-face confrontation is often most effective.

Why is face-to-face action effective?

When you use a debt collection team that is able to track the debtor down and deal with them directly, you’re far more likely to get a successful result. Some reasons for this are:

Debtors rely on being able to evade responsibility for their debt. They may think that if they don’t answer the phone or the door, they will be OK. Not so! Our team will track a debtor down at any time of day or night, and in any location. It’s virtually impossible for them to evade us for long.

A face-to-face contact enables us to make it clear that we know the debtor owes money and that the problem needs to be addressed.

As part of face-to-face contact, we are frequently able to see what assets a debtor has which could be used to cover the debt, which means they’re not able to plead poverty further down the line.

Our debt collection team always wear body cams and provide a thoroughly professional service. We have an excellent understanding of the law, our rights, the debtor’s rights and your rights. This enables us to come up with highly effective, customised solutions for each debt situation.

If you’re tired of being taken for a ride by unscrupulous debtors, call us now to get the situation resolved.