When the first lockdown was announced back in March 2020, few business owners could have predicted the impact Covid-19 would have on a multitude of industries. With creditors in their swathes going unpaid, things had been looking bleak for businesses, with countless industries holding their breath until a vaccine was found. Nightfox is thrilled that the NHS vaccination programme is well and truly underway, which as a result will let us help your business collect the debts that you should have been paid a long time ago.

What the vaccine programme means for businesses

The first Covid-19 vaccination was administered in December, and with the government immunising over 15 million people by mid-February, they are ahead of their target. The vaccination programme being ramped up is accelerating the UK economy towards a swift bounce back to pre-pandemic days. UK households are currently holding high amounts of savings, which they will be ready to spend and inject back into the economy once lockdown is lifted – all thanks to the mass rollout of several vaccines. 

The British public gaining their freedom back is going to have an unprecedented positive impact on the economy, but more importantly, businesses will come back to life and start ticking over again. Those debtors who stopped paying you back in March are going to start making money again, and in turn, their cash flow will allow them to pay what you are owed. 

Recover what you’re owed

If your business cash flow is being held up by debtors not paying up, now is the time to consider a trustworthy, and more importantly successful, debt collector such as Nightfox. We are not afraid to stand up for your business and ensure that your debtors pay what is owed to you. With over 75 years of combined experience across a multitude of sectors, we are experts in the tactics needed to get those bad debts paid, and fast. 

We are different to other debt collectors, who go around the houses to try and collect money which is rightfully yours. We prioritise face to face communication, making sure we are at the forefront of your debtors’ minds. Letters and phone calls are easy to ignore, but collecting debts face-to-face is a surefire way of making sure paying your business is a priority. 

Contact Nightfox today

Nightfox can help ease the financial burden of Covid-19 on your business, and we are only a quick phone call away. Speed is of the essence when it comes to successful debt collection, so don’t hesitate to instruct us today and play your part in rebuilding the Great British economy.