There can be no doubt that in the potentially volatile world that is debt collection, both the debt collector and the debtor need to be protected. Body cams offer peace of mind and reassurance, reducing the chances of violence developing. That is why Nightfox always uses body cams for our debt collection work. Leaving it to chance is not an option.

Body cams: more than just good practice

Nightfox have always considered body cams to be the way forward for debt collection. The body cam allows a clear record to be made of visits to homes and businesses. This can be a vital evidence for any potential court cases that arise.

Body cams record events with accuracy

Debt collectors rarely receive a warm welcome. Debtors are frequently angry and aggressive at the situation they have created for themselves. Situations can easily get out of hand. Whilst at Nightfox we always retain our high level of professionalism, provocation is real and sometimes relentless.

The body cam not only records this, but it also acts as a deterrent because it will provide a true record of events.

Recognised benefits

Recently, MPs recommended that all debt collection agencies should be required by law to wear body cams. Recent negative media and social media coverage about the sometimes heavy handed nature of less professional debt recovery agencies has put the whole system in the spotlight. This is why integrity and sincerity is vital.

Body cams help to gain positive outcomes

At Nightfox, we are proud of our reputation for getting the job done well. Body cams help us to achieve that goal, making your debt recovery far more likely. Currently, with no regulations in place to monitor the industry, it is clear that you should select a company who set their own high standards.

Making it fair for all

Body cams are the future for debt collection. For Nightfox, they have always been an integral part of how we function. Negative press makes it imperative to have an accurate record of events. With complaints rising against debt collection agencies and UK debt increasing as well, firmer measures are definitely needed to protect all involved.

Body cams are the future of debt collection

When legislation is introduced, which is looking increasingly likely, Nightfox will already be at the forefront. Our commitment to making sure debt collection is carried out with transparency by using body cams, guarantees the superior standard of our work.