When you are owed money – either as a private individual or as a business – a debt collection agency can be vital in securing what you are owed. But it’s important to ensure that debts are collected in a professional, legal manner, by highly skilled professionals with plenty of experience in the field.

In today’s litigation culture, it is important to be covered. Yes, you are owed money, but it is easy for a debtor to lodge a false counterclaim about an illegal debt collection. And, frankly, there are some highly unscrupulous debt collection firms who will break the law to get their clients the money that they are due.

However, there is a better way. By using a reputable, skilled and experienced agency such as Nightfox, you don’t just get access to highly-trained professionals in the debt collection field; you also get access to cutting-edge technology. This is why we use body cams on the job to deliver better outcomes.

Why use body cams for debt collection?

Better security

Our debt collectors are trained to go into difficult and often challenging situations when it comes to their jobs. Body cams offer them better security by recording the interaction with a debtor and reminding everyone involved that the situation is being recorded as evidence. This focuses minds!

Documentary evidence

As a reputable debt collection agency, we know that our clients want to follow all necessary legal processes when it comes to compliant debt collection. We work under strict quality controls too and carry out our work according to a strict code of practice. Again, body cams allow us to document and to evidence the work that we do so that there are no later claims that our code was broken.

Specific evidence

When it comes to serial non-payers, legal processes through the courts will require that you have undertaken certain steps to retrieve your owed money before a case is lodged. A body cam provides evidence that these steps have been followed in the right way and allows you to gather the specific evidence that you need to pursue legal routes as required for persistent non-payment of debts.

Evidence of professionalism

A body cam also evidences the fact that our team is always operating to the highest professional standards and acting in a polite, compliant way when they deliver their services. This gives businesses peace of mind that their brand is being maintained and their reputation upheld, which is vital in today’s competitive landscape.

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