January is a hard month for all businesses. The post-Christmas cheer has left customers, as has most of their money, and with the weather almost universally being terrible, most people choose to just stay in. This affects pub owners, clubs, restaurants, and many more businesses of that type particularly hard.

With many such businesses facing liquidation this January, don’t let them take you down with them. Get your credit control and debt collection plans in order, to ensure you’re paid what you’re owed.

Why is January so bad?

January has always been a difficult month, no matter what area of commerce you’re in. Many people are facing mounting debt from Christmas, and seasonal affective disorder is in full flow. When it’s cold, raining, and pitch black by 4pm, few people tend to want to make the journey out for a drink or a meal.

Something else needs to be considered, too – the effect of ‘Dry January’. Dry January has noble aims, seeking to avoid people succumbing to drinking too much, but there’s no denying it hits many pubs, clubs, and restaurants hard and makes an already difficult time even more difficult.

With all these businesses closing, there is a knock-on effect of course on you – their suppliers.

The steps you must take

Businesses don’t go into administration out of nowhere – there has likely been a protracted period in which debt has continued to build up. You will have no doubt noticed that your invoices are stacking up, without actually being paid for the goods or services you’ve rendered. It’s high time you made a move to get them paid.

You want to do this as quickly as possible. If a business goes into administration the process of getting your money back gets even harder, longer, and more uncertain – there’s no guarantee you’ll ever see your money. So to ensure your business survives, you need to team up with a debt collection specialist as soon as possible.

Working with Nightfox Investigations, for example, is an affordable and stress-free way for your business to be paid what you’re owed. This helps shield your business from the negative effects of the January downturn.

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Time is of the essence if you’re to avoid suffering in the fallout from pubs, clubs, and restaurants closing amid the January blues. Contact Nightfox Investigations today, to get your debt recovery plan into action.