Whether it’s a personal debt, or a business to business debt, you always want it collected and repaid in a timely fashion. Domestic debt collections can be difficult – the issue becomes even more of a headache when the debtor leaves the country altogether. International debt collection is not a service offered by many debt collection specialists, but, those who do provide an essential service for their clients. 

Tracing debtors abroad

Sometimes debtors move abroad specifically to try and avoid their debts. They presume that it’s far too expensive and difficult to trace them, which means the person they owe the debt to will not bother to pursue it. There was a time when this was probably the case – however, it’s not true any longer. Technology has made the world much smaller, making it far more cost-effective and fast to trace debtors, even when they have moved to another country. 

Then there’s the old-fashioned people element. An international debt collection specialist, such as Nightfox Investigations, will have built up a network of specialist contacts they’re able to draw upon for help. Those contacts will be able to provide invaluable assistance, allowing debtors to be caught up with – wherever they have moved to. All debt, big or small, deserves to be paid. 

The importance of trust

International debt recovery necessitates a particularly strong level of trust between the client and their debt recovery specialists. Nightfox seek to initiate all debt collections within twenty-four hours, however when dealing with international communication channels sometimes it can be a little slower than a debt which is just down the road. This is where trust comes into play. 

Nightfox has a very high success rate and cultivates strong working relationships with its clients – which is what you want to look for in an international debt collection specialist. The time frame may not be immediate, but it’s more important that you get your money rather than not. People tracing is a specialist skill, that requires some patience to get the best results. Those results, however, are always worth it. 

Don’t give up

The days of debtors skipping the country and leaving their debts behind them are long gone. If you’re owed money by a private or commercial debtor and you want to be paid, you need to contact the team at Nightfox. 

Whether your debtor is around the corner or around the world, you will be paid what you’re owed with a little help from Nightfox.