The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an epidemic of another kind: people left out of pocket by unpaid debts and unfulfilled services. From cancelled weddings to broken contracts, boarded up shops and empty events, people across society are finding themselves left high and dry by their debtors. 

So why should you let them get the last laugh? Nightfox is one of the UK’s top debt investigation and recovery agencies, using tried and tested methods to get your money out of your debtor’s wallet and back into yours in record time.

Up close and personal

Many people are left feeling let down by the courts, the police or by other debt collection agencies who sit behind their desks and write letters. Not us. We believe the best approach is a highly trained debt collector knocking on your debtor’s door, holding them accountable for their bad debt. 


It may be old fashioned but it works, and we’ve got an excellent reputation within the industry to prove it. No more hiding behind fake names, old addresses or shadow businesses – just a face to face experience with one of our operatives, so there’s no doubt in your debtor’s mind that you’re on to them, and that there are consequences for their actions.

Best tech in the business

We like the personal approach, but that doesn’t mean we’re all brawn and no brains. Our business is backed up by some of the most advanced search and detection systems out there, allowing us to trace just about anybody, even if they’re abroad, and find their addresses and place of work. 

We can pick apart your case to find the best avenues to go down and the best opportunities to get the justice you deserve, without wasting time writing letters and making phone calls to fake identities or debtors who are deceased. That allows us to spend as little time waiting, and as much time actually getting your money back as we possibly can. 

Thanks to our network of collection agents up and down the UK, we can get going and making visits within 24hrs of your instruction, so your debtors can’t get away with living off your dime for any longer than necessary.

Any size of debt

No matter how large or how small the debt, and whether your debtor is a single individual or a wealthy company, we pursue all physical and legal routes to success. We know you’ll stop at nothing to see your business repaid, and if you instruct us, neither will we.