When it comes to running your business, you shouldn’t settle for anything other than the best. You wouldn’t dream of rushing when it comes to processing invoices or generating new business leads, so why would it be any different when it comes to how you go about debt collecting? 

The pandemic has caused an all-time high of businesses suffering from invoices going unpaid. Rather than waste time and resources chasing these debts, it’s important to invest in a good debt collection strategy. Now is the time to focus your energy and efforts on rebuilding your business from the ashes of Covid-19, so you can hit the ground running as the UK economy bounces back to its healthy former self. Delegate your debt collecting to the experts, and allow Nightfox to take on the responsibility of making sure you get paid. 

As the world returns to normality and lockdown is finally lifted, the true state of business affairs will be unveiled and countless debt collectors will start picking up the pieces. In-house debt collectors will return from furlough and increase the length of the queue of those asking for money. Emails and phone calls are going to get lost in the swarm of communication. Nightfox can help you jump the queue, taking the stress and cost of debt collecting away.

Nightfox have over 75 years of combined experience in debt collecting. Too many debt collectors focus on sending emails, letters and phone calls, which are far too easy for your debtors to ignore. Nightfox prioritises face to face communication to get swift responses and make sure that your debt is the one paid first and foremost. We use cutting-edge technology to trace the right people from across the globe and effectively have some of your most stubborn debts paid. 

Here at Nightfox, we pride ourselves on our ethical, trustworthy and most importantly successful strategy when it comes to getting your debts paid. We have market-leading statistics when it comes to debt collecting, proving that you will be entrusting an industry leader in boosting your cashflow and controlling your credit. Speed is key when it comes to successfully reclaiming debt, so come to Nightfox for a quote and we will get to work on your case within 24 hours. 

Get ready for the good times as the UK economy bounces back when lockdown is lifted, and make sure your business is first in line for reclaiming the debts rightfully owed to you.