As of July 2021, restrictions are beginning to ease in the UK following the lockdowns in 2020 and the first half of the year due to COVID-19.

Thanks to the pandemic, millions of UK residents were left unable to earn their usual wages, leading to an inability to pay mortgages, landlords, existing debt, and more.

Due to this nationwide crisis, the government imposed a number of protective legislation that would last until the UK opened up once more to a normal state of order. Such legislation included restricting landlords’ use of Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery, as well as the suspension of any new evictions from either privately rented or social properties.

However, all of these emergency measures were due for review on 30 June 2021. So, what are the current rules regarding debt collection, who can you evict should you need to, and how can debt collectors help? Carry on reading to find out.

What are the latest debt collection rules?

As far as guidelines go, you can now attempt to collect a debt owed to you. However, it’s important to remember that the government has introduced schemes that may protect some debtors for temporary periods of time. Among the most prominent of these is the <a href=””>Debt Respite Scheme</a>, also known as the Breathing Space scheme.

In summary, the Breathing Space scheme offers a brief respite from creditors for periods of up to 60 days; within this period, no debt collection action can be taken by the creditors. You should receive an electronic notification should someone owing debt to you be successfully granted a breathing space period. Should you get this notification, any and all activities relating to those debts must be stopped.

Can you evict a tenant now?

As of 1 June 2021, you must give a tenant <a href=””>at least 4 months’ eviction notice as per the Coronavirus Act 2020</a>. This includes situations wherein the tenant has less than 4 months’ worth of rent arrears. This phase of the Act will last until 1 August 2021, where again the guidelines will change. In extreme situations, you may be able to lower the eviction notice to as little as 2-4 weeks; however, be advised that this is only for the most serious of circumstances and you should not rely on this power being granted to you.

How can debt collectors help your situation?

Whether you require business debt recovery or wish to chase rental arrears without resorting to eviction, debt collectors are here to help. At Nightfox Investigations, we can chase debtors worldwide and help you to retrieve the debt you’re owed. With fiscal forensic investigations and out of hour surveillance available, we can track your debtor and maximise chances of you retrieving the amount owed to you.