Nightfox Investigators have been leading the way for many years in personal debt collection, asset recovery and business to business debt collection. If you are looking for a professional debt collection company to recover your owed finances, look no further than Nightfox Investigators. We offer an efficient and effective service that you can trust, all at a competitive price. Find out more about why you should choose us for your debt collection below.

1. Efficiency

We understand that time is of the essence in every debt collection case. This is why we try to act as fast as possible to recover money or assets. At the end of the day, it is your money and in a post-COVID world, every penny counts.

Using high tech equipment combined with old school investigation skills, we look to return money to its rightful owner as quickly as possible.

2. Communication

Before we go in all guns blazing, we will try and open communication with the debtor and make sure they are aware that the Nightfox Investigators are on the case. It is to be expected that the debtor will have a wide range of debts at one time. We will make sure that you are at the front of the queue for your money back.

3. Surveillance

We offer 24/7 surveillance of the debtor to try and catch them in the act of hiding wealth or assets. This isn’t just a person sitting in a car with a camera – we have fully licensed and legal drones that we can use. Drones offer a great surveillance tool as they can video areas that a person in a car may miss. The drones are stealthy and often go undetected by debtors. All footage is acceptable in court, so will be used if needed.

4. Body cams

Body cams on our debt collectors aren’t just for their own safety. They record everything they see. It ensures that our Nightfox enforcement team’s work is to a high standard and that any lies the debtor tries are caught on camera. As with drones, body cams are able to be used as evidence for any court case. While recording, the camera will show every step taken, every word spoken and the exact time and date of the video.

With high tech equipment and a hard-working team, you would be a fool to not choose Nightfox Investigators.