Recent data from the Office of National Statistics has confirmed that 2017 was the first year in 30 years that households across Britain spent more than they earned.

This means that households are either spending money out of their personal savings or are taking on increasingly higher levels of debt. With unsecured consumer borrowing increasing rapidly, it might well be time to think out your debt collection strategy to ensure you are ready should the trend progress to a point where customers are unable to meet their financial commitments.

The benefits of using Nightfox for your debt collection are below;

We can trace debtors through our extensive experience and contacts

Imagine that your debtor moves and leaves you with no forwarding information. How would you go about tracing them? Many companies suffer losses every year simply because they lose contact with people who owe them money. At Nightfox we can stop this from happening through debtor tracing which enables us to find those who owe you money quickly and efficiently.

You don’t need a CCJ to use a debt collector

A good debt collection agency will visit your debtor, even before there is a CCJ in place, in an attempt to recover your money without lengthy court proceedings. Would you have the skills and expertise to handle this type of communication in-house? The most successful method of recovering debt is through face-to-face communication with the debtor but many creditors fear this or avoid it!

Debt collectors can work anywhere in the world. When a debtor lives or moves abroad, it can be costly and difficult to get your money . Unfortunately, distance usually makes it easier for a debtor to hide from you and shirk their financial responsibilities. A debt collection agency like ours usually has links with other agencies throughout the world, all with the ability to make direct contact with your debtor and increase the chances of you recovering your money.

We’ve traced debtors and got money back from all around the world

Don’t think distance means you can’t claim what you’re owed! Nightfox has a a high success rate and we simply don’t give up

A debt collection agency has one job to do; recover your money.

We simply won’t rest until every penny has been repaid, even if we have to go through legal processes on your behalf.  We will follow each case all the way through to the end.

Would you have the stamina or knowledge to achieve this in-house? Remember you also have to get on with your day job! Agencies are often more successful than an in-house team simply because of their level of expertise and the time they have to dedicate to recovery.

Debt collectors can be instructed 24/7

To access our debt collection services all you need to is visit our homepage (CLICK HERE) and contact us about our debt recovery service. From the moment that you do this, we will take all steps necessary to recover the debt for you, as quickly and efficiently as possible. With consumers borrowing more and more money, it is essential that you make contact with us as early as possible, as you might not be the only person owed money.

Want more information? Contact us today for advice and guidance on how to get your money back!